Berlin Clubs that Prove City is the Capital of Electronic Music

Berlin Nightlife

Berlin clubs are the proof the capital is a party mecca

The locals in Berlin are familiar with the fact that you cannot go on mentioning Berlin without giving due share to its clubs. It is a party hub for the most intense nightlife.

It is arguably the best clubbing in Europe. The clubbing trend started as a way to help the locals get their identity after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But what came up as a trend, soon became a lifestyle.

If you’re traveling to Berlin for the first time, you’d have hundreds of doubts. To clear these up, we’ll get you on with the 7 top Berlin clubs that are a must-visit if you want to explore the local lifestyle.

Top 7 Techno Berlin Clubs

1. Berghain

If you’re looking for one of the top-of-the-tip Berlin clubs, Berghain is sure to catch your expectations. Being voted as the best club in the world, Berghain offers a wild weekend to those seeking it.

It is the most popular techno-club in Berlin, that mostly dictates the electronic music scene around here. Whether you’re going solo or with a friend, you can be sure that you are in for a life-changing experience.

Door Policy: Being one of the biggest meeting spots of clubbers, you’ll expect no less than a strict door policy for the club. Your best bet is to remain as discrete as you can in the waiting line.

Best Times to Visit: The whole Sunday.

2. Watergate

If you’re a sophisticated person who likes to remain in control of the situation, then Watergate is the choice for you. Instead of wild fantasies, it gives off a fancy aura. It has two dance floors; the main one covered with mind-blowing lightings.

It has a world-class DJ line up. Its chilled and lavish interior makes it an amazing choice for flirting.

Door Policy: The policy isn’t that strict. Just avoid going with large groups.

Best Times to Visit: Saturday nights.

3. Kater Blau

Kater Blau is a reincarnation of one of the most popular Berlin club, Kater Holzig. This techno club even makes the day partying fun with its outdoor setting. Its impressive line of DJs is sure to keep your feet dancing, the whole weekend.

Door Policy: Strict policy and long queue lines.

Best Times to Visit: Saturday & Sunday.

4. About Blank

://About Blank is the perfect interception of all the major clubbing vibes of Berlin clubs. Its indoor-outdoor combination, paired with the amazing techno music is a treat to salvage.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll love the idea of relaxing a while after you’re exhausted. Its main building houses a grittier look that spices up the look of the club.

Door Policy: The policy is extremely strict. You’ll have to remain as discrete as you can to avoid the bouncers.

Best Times to Visit: Friday to Sunday.

5. Salon Zur Wilden Renate

Salon Zur Wilden Renate houses multiple dance floors, an urban living room atmosphere, and out-of-the-box bizarre themes. If you’re looking to experience the ‘wild’ side of partying, this club is for you.

It will show you things you’ve never seen before. Its open-air parties are one of the specialties tourists enjoy during the summer.

Door Policy: It’s considerably easier to get in. Just follow the basics.

Best Times to Visit: Friday & Saturday night.

6. Alte Münze

If you’re looking to explore the techno side of Berlin, this club has it all. Even after years of running, it still manages to spice up every weekend. Its various underground events and catchy sounds are sure to make your night interesting.

Instead of the flashy outlooks, it gives a more dark and realistic view of the Berlin clubs.

Door Policy: The policy is generally strict. Try to be as casual as you can.

Best Times to Visit: All weekend.

7. Tresor

Tresor remains one of the most acclaimed locations in Berlin. Its legacy and rejuvenation make it one of the best Berlin clubs to visit. It holds annual electronic music festivals. So, if you’re into exploring the clubbing culture of this city, Tresor is an automatic must-visit.

It has several dance floors with dark themes. The piercing red lightings along with the top-shelf techno music are sure to make your experience over-the-top.

Door Policy: The place has strict bouncers. So, try not to over-interact while waiting in the queue. Remain as discrete as you can.

Best Times to Visit: Friday & Saturday night.


Without any doubt, Berlin is a hub of the electronic music scene. Its numerous clubbing sights offer a complete combination of wild and fancy.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a local trying to enjoy the weekend or a tourist looking to explore the city. You are sure to get impressed with the various varieties of techno sound systems combined with aesthetic views.

The clubbing system has come to a recent halt due to the threatening coronavirus epidemic. Every corner of the recognized electronic music scene has severely been affected by this lockdown.

But the people of Berlin are confident. Things are returning to their normal state. It won’t be long before this festive electronic music once again resonates in the ears of the locals.


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