Berlin DJ Industry: 5 Ways of Being Productive

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Where is the Berlin DJ Industry Heading?

The worldwide lockdown has taken everything by storm, no doubts about that. The Berlin DJ industry is one of the many businesses, affected by this pandemic.

Dance clubs are under a lockdown or hard restrictions,  and electronic music is breathing the last of its remains.

With the music industry at a stop, most of the DJs are looking for new ways to learn and interact. Many of them have lost heart and shifted careers to support their finances. Others, however, take the support of online endeavors to keep going.

The Covid-19 has indeed hit the dance culture swift and hard. But despite its deadly spread, Berlin DJs are finding new ways to interact with their fans. These ways are based on social distancing and are perfect for anybody involved in the Berlin DJ industry.

Where is the DJ Industry Heading?

If we talk solely about the Berlin DJ industry, it is quite clear that it won’t be contributing to music as it normally did. There are ways to remain intact but they remain afar from the actual DJ work.

In the coming months, the technical equipment will be hard to get by, as the shipments won’t be coming as readily as they did. So, the DJs that were planning on an upgrade will have to reassess their current work situations.


5 Ways DJs Are Being Productive in Berlin


1. Live Streams

After the restrictions of social distancing, many DJs found it convenient to limit their talents to live streams. A lot of people jam into their sessions, thus creating a wide network of music.

This keeps the purpose of the Berlin DJ industry alive. Thousands of people, around the globe, enjoy music on social media websites, in this bizarre new way of enjoying electronic music.

With people restricted to their homes, you cannot think of a better way to interact with such a large chunk of the audience.


2. Practice Tutorials

Aside from doing live streams, Berlin DJs have also deemed it a good time to increase their music skills. A lot of them are taking extra classes on YouTube and other platforms to remain intact with the latest music trends.

Practicing your gig can never go wrong, as it prepares you for the time you reopen. It is just an important investment, that’ll surely help the Berlin DJ community after the opening of the lockdown scenario.

The idea is to level up the game, so they can remain in contact with the rising and falling trends of the music industry.


3. Online Music

If you were thinking about remodeling your playlist for a long time, this is your cut. With everyone constrained to their homes, you can easily surf the internet for the latest music trends.

You can tune into online music apps and websites. This will help you increase the variations and quality of your playlist. You will realize that it will help you change the dynamics of your work entirely.

Listening to a bit of music to prepare for your DJing time after the lockdown can never go wrong. That is why a lot of DJs are preferring it instead of leaving the field.


4. Library Organizing

Once you take in new content for your playlist, how will you arrange it? The answer again lies in the current pandemic. With the free time the DJs have in these days, most of them are planning to include new songs into their playlist.

And for that, they’ll have to thoroughly organize their playlist to come up with the best variations for DJ sets.

This simple-looking procedure can cost them hours at the desk. This is why, it is the ideal task DJs are looking for, this lockdown. They’re planning on hitting hard with their comebacks.


5. Content Creation

Staying relevant is an important part of work; be it any working employee or a DJ. You always require a certain trust in the job. Otherwise, you end up getting frustrated. To avoid this frustration and clear some of the uncertain air, many members of the Berlin DJ community have taken their talents to online platforms.

They’re jamming live sessions and podcasts to interact with their audience as much as possible. These virtual parties, community playlists, and social media networking help them stay relevant to their line of work.



The lockdown is leading, longer than expected. At this particular moment, no one can be sure of what’ll happen. But one thing is for sure that the pandemic has greatly disturbed the work-life of numerous DJs in Berlin. Nothing can be said about what they’ll go through in the future.

With the current uncertainty, no outcome can be predicted about anyone involved in the professional Berlin DJ industry. They’re trying hard to stay relevant. But the situation will further deteriorate if things don’t go back to as they were before.




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