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Social Distancing Event

Social Distancing Rave

The Corona circus is fading away slowly, very slowly. I’ve seen some articles about the social distancing party that took place in Germany. The one covered in Resident Advisor was in Münster at the Coconut Beach. 

Let’s dive into it… 

Firstly, nice to see parties are happening again. Regardless of the concept or restrictions.

On the published video we can see markings on the ground that are used to place people equally on the floor. So, distancing can be respected. Coconut Beach is a venue for 2000 people. The promoter of the event released 100 tickets at the price of 70 EUR.

With all that, the event will not make any profit this time. Regardless of the price, tickets disappeared in 15 minutes. According to the source, regulations will soon be eased and parties will be able to host up to 250 people. Meaning, the ticket price will be lower. The DJ, of course, negotiated lower fees to match the whole story.  

Partygoers were wearing masks. I have to say this brings back some memories from the mid-nineties rave scene. 

Comparing the situation now with previous COVID 19-free parties, we see some changes. Our imaginary data brings us an amazing conclusion, as seen below:

Typical rave activities during special conditions (Social Distancing Party)

Possible Nearly Impossible Awkward
Dancing on the floor
Buying drugs on the floor
Fist bumping
High fiving
Buying someone a drink
Song request


Those are just some of the usual activities we do when attending a party. Not to mention that regarding the limited working hours, parties are held during a day. Meaning daylight. 


Some of the mentioned activities can be done before arriving at the party. Buying drugs is something not recommended doing at the party in an environment like that. It is more practical to do it prior to the event. But, on the other side, some other activities are just not possible prior to the party. Fist bumping or high fiving are typical activities that require actual party presence.  


“Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” 

E.B. White

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