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Since the dawn of the internet, many services have now been more accessible to us than ever. The main purpose of smartphones was to allow us numerous functions, anywhere and anytime.

One of those functions is listening to music. Gone are the times when you had to put on with record labels and DVDs. Websites now offer free music to the consumers aching for it.

Below are some of the best free music websites:

Top 30 Free Music Websites

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular music streaming website, that is considered to be the best alternative to Spotify. It allows you to stream and download from its vast library of music content. It is completely free, although you may be required to like its page for some locked content.

Listen Now: SoundCloud


2. YouTube by Click

YouTube by Click is a platform that gives you a variety of music albums and tracks. Everyone knows the diverse musical content uploaded on YouTube. YouTube by Click just allows you to extract and download its mp3 part, without the video.

Listen Now: YouTube by Click


3. ReverbNation

With its massive collection of songs, ReverbNation is notably one of the best free music websites to stream and download content in mp3. Its impressive catalog provides a user-friendly experience to hard-hitting music lovers.

Listen Now: ReverbNation


4. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a platform that allows thousands of artists to upload their content for the audience. They can make some of their music free and add a price for the whole album. This way, you can find paid as well as free music.

Listen Now: Bandcamp


5. Jamendo

Jamendo is a beautifully-designed free music website that is well-curated with a rich collection of licensed music. So, if you’re looking for a piece of licensed music for your video, this is your go-to site. It definitely plays its part in the top free music websites on the internet.

Listen Now: Jamendo


6. Amazon

This may not appear to you like a free choice at the first glance, but it is. Amazon offers a large range of free music, that can be readily added to the cart like any other product and can be listened to freely. However, you will be first required to set a valid payment method.

Listen Now: Amazon


7. DatPiff

Datpiff offers a great platform to the hip-hop music community. Be it the freestyle rappers or some original compilation artists, it features every genre for the music lovers to glance at and download. Its diverse and fun nature attracts a large chunk of audience to its website.

Listen Now: DatPiff


8. PureVolume

PureVolume is largely similar to a social networking website, where artists upload their creations to gain some appreciation for their work. This way, they make their songs available for streaming.

Listen Now: PureVolume


9. AudioMack

AudioMack, with its hot collection of inspiring hip hop and electronic music, has emerged as a great competitor in the online music market. It allows you to stream free songs from its million-infused music library.

Listen Now: AudioMack


10. SoundClick

Many artists offer their work freely on SoundClick. It is a great music platform, that not only allows you to stream content but also offers a wide variety of licensed and free downloadable songs. You can connect directly with the artists and the songs, they choose to make available.

Listen Now: SoundClick


11. Live Music Archive

Live Music Archive is a blend of some of the must-listen music bands. It offers multiple genres in, what is termed as, lossless and high-quality versions of live concerts. It allows options to stream and download a wide variety of content.

Listen Now: Live Music Archive


12. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is one of the top free music websites, offering quality albums for one to reap. Some of its content is locked, only to be streamed by making an account. Otherwise, it’s completely free.

Listen Now: NoiseTrade


13. Last.fm

Last.fm, once functioning as a radio site, is now a music recommendation center. It caters to your listening habits by studying your taste in music. And remains the best option to download free and legal music online.

Listen Now: Last.fm


14. Musopen

Musopen is a completely free platform, that exists to serve your taste in music. From classical to electronic, it inhibits all kinds of music, rendering them ready to download. You will, however, have to create an account for untroubled streaming.

Listen Now: Musopen


15. 8Tracks

8Track is quite a popular website when it comes to music streaming. It not only offers you thousands of albums to listen to but also entertains you with its vastly saved library of radio streaming.

Listen Now: 8Tracks


16. Free Music Archive

Although similar in name to some of its competitors, Free Music Archive allows a range of artists and bands to set up amazing and quality-oriented playlists for the users. It gives you completely free access to all of its content.

Listen Now: Free Music Archive


17. Vimeo

Vimeo is a well-known platform for its short-videos. However, only a few know about its vast music archive. You can find paid as well as free content on the application, once you log into it. However, it has a limited quota for listening to free music.

Listen Now: Vimeo


18. MP3.com

MP3.com has been functioning as one of the oldest and most reliable music sites on the internet. Many artists still upload amazing albums on it, which you can view easily, without any trouble.

Listen Now: MP3.com


19. CCTrax

Not only is CCTrax free, but is also entirely safe. The way it keeps its albums sorted and search standardized is the reason why it deserves a place in the top free music websites.

Listen Now: CCTrax


20. Indie Shuffle

If you want a personalized musical experience, then you should start using Indie Shuffle. It connects you with a diverse range of artists, that can help you explore your taste in music by presenting some complete sets of genre-related music.

Listen Now: Indie Shuffle


21. AllMusic

AllMusic not only includes a variety of albums but also gives a detailed description of them. It also sorts the artists to help you navigate well between your favorite songs and artists.

Listen Now: AllMusic


22. YouTube Music

Just as the case with YouTube, YouTube Music also offers you a wide variety of content. The difference, however, is that it concentrates on mp3 and musical content. No other website can beat its diversity-based algorithms.

Listen Now: YouTube Music


23. Freeplay Music

If you’re looking for a diverse website, that includes songs from different fields and moods, then you’re at the right spot. Freeplay music provides some greatly soothing and centralizing sounds for your videos.

Listen Now: Freeplay Music


24. Incompetech

Incompetech is somewhat different from the rest of the websites mentioned here. It focuses more on the customer’s soft spot. A large chunk of the work uploaded there relies on Instrumental Music.

Listen Now: Incompetech


25. Spinrilla

Spinrilla provides a sorted catalog that helps you view different albums and mixtapes in the order of their release date and popularity. It allows you to stream and download music freely.

Listen Now: Spinrilla


26. ccMixter

ccMixter is a collaboration platform for musicians all around the globe. You’ll be able to find thousands of mixed genre songs here, sorted by different algorithms and categories. It is the perfect website to kill some time or improve your mood.

Listen Now: ccMixter


27. YouTube Audio Library

Like YouTube Music, YouTube Audio Library is again a project by Google. The difference is that the latter provides a standardized variety of audios, that you can incorporate in a video, being uploaded on the platform.

Listen Now: YouTube Audio Library


28. BenSound

If you make videos or animations, you might be familiar with the term ‘Royalty Free Music’. BenSound provides you thousands of audios and sounds, which can be freely used as background music for your project.

Listen Now: BenSound


29. AudioNautix

Take a free music platform, add a video-editing feature, and some diverse browsing categories. You get AudioNautix. This platform is where you can freely work on your projects, without any license issues.

Listen Now: AudioNautix


30. SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is not only a music streaming service. It also provides you access to almost 89,000 radio stations, situated all over the globe. Its services are entirely free, with an ability to navigate between the channels based on the genre of the artists.

Listen Now: SHOUTcast



With the pandemic in question, the sources of entertainment have already been limited greatly. In such concerning times, people look towards some affordable and practical ways to uplift their health and mood. Music works as a great anti-depressant and can help take away stress and unwanted thoughts.

With all this in mind, why don’t we give the people what they want; some quality yet free music websites that’ll not only kill their time but will also keep them mentally healthy and emotionally stable.



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