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The sizzling music scene in Berlin is hidden to none. Because of its cheap rent and thriving opportunities, many musicians are moving into the German capital to try their luck. Berlin has already excelled in the new ways of electronic music and DJ jockeys. It houses several renowned clubs in the world. This is why it would make sense to find many Berlin recording studios, once you set out.

60% of the music revenue of the country is generated from Berlin, making it the undisputed music capital. It has been often termed as the Techno Town of Germany. The musical activities of Berlin are not all showy. Rather, they connect with its deep cultural roots pretty well.


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The Top 10 Berlin Recording Studios


1. Bieger Sound

Bieger Sound is a blend of vintage and techno music. It is named after the acclaimed producer Hannes Bieger, who operates and brings life into the studio.

The studio is situated in the center of Berlin. The location is about a few blocks from Checkpoint Charlie. It is a vital Berlin recording studio that deems every project as unique. And helps you achieve your target mix quite easily.

Visit: Beiger Sound


2. Hansa Berlin Recording Studio

Hansa Studios provides all kinds of recording, mixing, and editing services. Not only does it help you with the trivial stuff, but also lets you access online mixing.

The event hires and live session services have made it one of the best Berlin recording studios in recent times. The building provides you a variety of essential studios, such as the control room, live room, marble room, and vocal booth.

Visit: Hansa Studios


3. Funkhaus Recording Studios

Funkhaus is one of the oldest and largest buildings in Berlin. Its endless corridors and vast area tell you the story of its magnificence. Many movies have their sound recording done at Funkhaus Studios.

They comprise four music recording studios and a sound chamber. The halls and conference rooms are also exquisitely built for one to see.

Visit: Funkhaus Studios


4. Tricone Studios

Tricone houses all types of music services. From recording to mastering and from producing to mixing, it has all. Over the years, Tricone Studios have been responsible for producing a lot of hit songs.

Thus, making it an important Berlin recording studio. With its sound live rooms and audio systems, you can entirely relax in the quality department.

Visit: Tricone Studios


5. TRIXX Studios

TRIXX Studios is vintage and state-of-the-art music studio built around 1985. It masters all sorts of frequencies, analog and digital. The studio is situated around Kreuzberg and has a programming room in addition to the recording and mixing studios.

Visit: TRIXX Studios


6. Jazzanova Berlin Recording Studio

Jazzanova is a modern Berlin recording studio. They rely on providing luxury and comfort. Its flexible cutting-edge equipment and versatile proximity house a creative space for the musician at hand. The lounge, in addition to the five studio rooms, allows you to relax between different takes.

Visit: Jazzanova Recording Studio


7. Schweiger Studios

Schweiger Studios are new to the whole scenario but are marking their mark with their professional production and recording equipment. They have a high-end selection of microphones to ensure your voice doesn’t lose its way.

Visit: Schweiger Studios


8. Ton & Spot

Ton & Spot not only allows the conventional recording but also helps you to composite the entire music. The sound engineering services and cozy screen mixing makes it a go-to recording studio in Berlin.

Their primary goal is to hit a broader target in an adequate budget. It is quite renowned for its extensive services.

Visit: Ton & Spot


9. Jammin Masters

Jammin Masters is another professional Berlin recording studio. The studios are managed by a Grammy-nominated artist “Cem Oral”. With his experience and hybrid optimization, Jammin Masters can serve you a good time with their equipment and services.

Visit: Jammin Masters


10. Jayjay

Whether you’re looking to make new mixtapes or are just binding archive tapes, Jayjay can supervise your project with their musician-based team.

They prefer a staff that understands your need and knows what it is to fill words in spaces. The studio is managed by Jared Johannes, opting for the name Jayjay for the music academy.

Visit: Jayjay


As mentioned before, Berlin is an affordable place to live. This is why we see a large number of people packing their dreams in a bag and moving to this city. Berlin, with its extensively laid system of clubs and studios, has established itself as the music capital of Germany.

Artists all over the world look towards this city in search of new trends and aspirations. Be the music electrical or mythical, Berlin leads the way for the world in terms of music showcase.


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