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What is the value of music production today? I do not mean that “per se” in terms of money, but what benefits do you as a DJ/producer have to actually make your own tracks. There is this joy of making songs, your own music, but how does all that manifest to your appearance as a musician?

A large number of producers have risen in the last decade, probably more than ever before; everybody can make music nowadays on a computer with literally zero investment. What are the chances that your music will be visible among all those releases that are appearing online on a daily basis?

Releasing Your Recorded Music

As a DJ/producer you create your own tracks and after they are done, the idea is to see who will put them out. 

Today there is a possibility to release your own stuff through various channels. However, that will demand additional time and engagement from your side in order to promote, manage, and distribute the content. All that is pushing you away from creating more music, away from the creative part that brings all the joy. Alternatively, you can release your production through the record label. 

Now, if you are in the position to work with an already established publisher who can expose, value your music, and push the release, things are off course different. But many producers are releasing through small, independent labels that are run by other DJs. Again, everybody can have a record label, everything is online, it is simple and easy… right? 

The Record Label’s Role in the Electronic Music Industry

There are zillions of so-called record labels out there, with maybe one out of 20 doing what they are supposed to: releasing music properly. The other 19 have the purpose of

1. Promoting the label boss and eventually getting him or her bookings

2. Fulfilling the dream of making money (mostly for the owner)

3. Making the label boss look like a CEO/Founder of this and that.

4. Opening the label because it’s so easy, and the list goes on and on.  

In a time when the music you make or distribute is also available for free, how to stay motivated as an artist in the first place?

Not so long ago you had all those benefits besides the pure pleasure of creating new and different stuff. Making and perfecting a number of songs had many advantages, reaching from artist exposure, financial compensation to the fact that it was actually physically released on vinyl. I could continue with the list…

I guess everyone should value his creative output individually, and derive his or her own motivation from it, but it will definitely be interesting to see how the things will move on from here.

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