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There are countless articles on the internet about networking in the music business, and we all know how important that is. No matter how knowledgable we are on the facts, things such as making personal introductions, initiating conversations, referrals etc.. are something to keep an eye on.

Every once in a while you see a talented artist with big potential and you think of his music “wow this is really good for a bedroom producer”.  Somehow, many of them never leave the commodity of their own room.

Best case scenario, it might happen they present their work to a very limited local market. Not enough, unfortunately…

Social media as a promotional tool

Approximately two decades ago the situation was different. Providing good songs was enough. However, the music scene has changed.

Visibility is very important. Social networks are among the most precious tools for networking in the music business. Facebook is quite an interesting medium and you can find out a lot about people by just reading the feed. Also, there is a possibility to see how some artists promote their work.

The more you think about it, the more it is fascinating to see DJs trying to promote themselves just by posting their stuff over and over through the same social network platform.

Today’s technology enabled Dj mixes to be recorded by using the software. With zero technical knowledge about mixing the songs can be nicely put together. There are more and more DJ sets uploaded on the internet with the description indication: “I am not a DJ, but here is my DJ mix, so enjoy”.

So, what are you as a DJ actually doing by posting your mixes on Facebook?

It is different if you are already an established producer with a solid base of followers. In this case your content will actually reach the people interested in what you do.

However, starting as a bedroom producer with a vision to make your way throughout the scene, you better be creative in all aspects of your work. Especially the promotion side of it. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are countless posts on the internet about this topic. However, it is never enough to explore the ways you can promote your work.

What I have found especially important is to always be prepared to promote your music. You will get the most unbelievable information in the weirdest situations. This is something most people don’t do, but on the other hand, it offers huge potential. Having your stuff handy and ready provides you the power to present your work at the right time and to the right people. Do not miss any opportunity to pass your demo material. 

Production of you own tracks

Back in the days, works from a producer and a DJ were more divided. Around the year 2000 things started to change rapidly. Just by owning an average computer, you could make your own music. Having your own production is a huge potential and gives you a chance to actually leave something behind.

If you are smart enough to collaborate with other artists, this is one of the best ways to network with like-minded people. Successful releases will bring you to the point where other artists will play your music and this is probably the best appreciation of your talent.

Making events as a promoter

We have all been there, and this is what I would say the second best thing next to having your own releases.

Networking possibilities while being a DJ and a promotor are on the top of the list. There is no better example than Sven Vaeth who happens to be one of the most popular DJs on the planet.

During his over 30 years long career, Sven was next to DJ-ing, the owner of some of the most popular clubs in Germany. Frankfurt’s Clubs Omen and Cocoon together with labels and agencies gathered around those projects exposed Sven to the world and enabled the cult status.

The role of a promotor opens doors to many aspects of the music scene. From the artist to the club owners, labels, agencies, and much more.

In general, promotion and visibility are becoming more and more important, but the tools you have are more accessible than before. Artist as a one-man band can handle almost everything what is enough to kick start the career, from the bedroom to the stage.

It is a constant work and your job is to experiment, learn and in the end enjoy the music you make. If this seems too much, you can just continue playing gigs in your city and post mixes on Facebook.

Networking in music

Networking in the music business

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